The all new Drum hair!

August 1st saw the launch of Drum Hair a magazine dedicated to the hair of Black women.  The issue has Thembi Seete on the cover.  I myself have not had the chance to read it but I have however read some reviews, comments and thoughts relating.  The motivation behind publication stems from the passion that black women have for their hair. The content of Drum Hair includes advice and inspiration for all hair types from relaxed and straight to kinky and untreated(the irony)

The Drum Hair is yet another addition to the recent wave of “hair awareness”, with  Deborah Patta’s of 3rd Degree picking up and running with the topic.  Patta made a spectacle of black hair on the program. The show seemed to not sit well with publics in the social media sphere pushing discussions of the episode to local trending levels.  Some felt that Patta was preaching to the choir and was not saying anything they didn’t already know, others felt that Patta as a non – kinky haired compatriot was not in a position to voice black hair issues.

Nonetheless, there has been increased talk of black hair in popular mainstream magazine such as the July publication of Marie Claire where a debate ensued when 10 women were asked about their hair inspiration.  The concept of Drum Hair is one that is fitting to the time and it’s relevance is undeniable, what we are yet to see is the richness of the content and whether this will sustain a publication of the sort.

Drum Hair is on sale for R35 a price which many raise an eyebrow to as it is quite steep being geared towards the audience of Drum magazine which retails at R15.  Drum hair is a clever Brand extension nestled in blue water space, let’s just hope it has something authentic to offer.

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