Pics & Videos from Diplo Set @ The Assembly, 09.08.12

Boring Cape Town Chick

There’s not too much I can say about this gig. The production at the Assembly was as good as ever. The main stage’s music played on all the dance floors and all the bars were open (no long queues). The local line up did us really proud, I feel it’s important to show case SA’s best when internationals are in town and this was done.

When I arrived, Leggo!’s the White Nite was on the decks playing an awesome UK bass set (dubstep, trap, UK Funky). He set the perfect tone, up beat but not going crazy to over shadow (in terms of tempo) the later acts. Sibot came on stage and played one of his best sets that I’ve ever heard. He had personable audience participation through his Go-Pro-live-filming live-production tactic and friendly demeanour. He really brought it and I hope Diplo was impressed! He did really well.


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