“Remove the kinks from your mind rather than from your hair”

Pan African Nationalist Marcus Garvey

Jamaican born Marcus Garvey was the driving force behind the Liberia program. Garvey strongly believed in the concept of Africa for Africans and dedicated his time to making living conditions better for black Africans. Garvey wanted black Africans taken from Africa as slaves to return to Africa and reclaim their lost identity and culture. He was a firm believer in economic, political and individual freedom.

Garvey spoke of individuals being complacent with an arranged life, and how propaganda had an “almost too easy effect on us”. I see this as relevant to our current state now in the sense of individuals finding comfort in definitions of media(which might as well be equated with propaganda of sorts). We decide to follow this interpretation of life by the media and through this we lose grip of what our true essence of concepts such as beauty

Garvey’s efforts and contributions are acknowledged and admired and continue to stimulate minds to date

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